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Stress Soothers Ebook & Yoga Playlist

Like they say, everything happens for a reason, including stress. It needs to be experienced in order to learn something from it.

When we are facing difficult situations, we become more adept in resolving issues that other people are not capable of doing. It pushes us to our limits and causes us to respond either proactively or passively. Therefore, it is how we respond to a certain situation that makes a difference.

Here is a preview of what you get:

Chapter 1: Everyday Stress Basics 

Chapter 2: What Causes Everyday Stress 

Chapter 3: How Exercise Helps Stress 

Chapter 4: Using Yoga To Beat Stress 

Chapter 5: Using Martial Arts To Beat Stress 

Chapter 6: Using Swimming To Beat Stress 

Chapter 7: Using Walking To Beat Stress 

Chapter 8: Relieving Stress With Cardio 

Chapter 9: Learn How To Work Exercise Into Your Busy Day 

Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Cutting Down Everyday Stress With Exercise